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The objective of Lumberton Little League is to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. The attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance. To achieve this objective, LLL will provide a supervised program under the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated.


Lumberton Little League   

2022 Fall Development League  


Details of Fall Ball is as follows:  

  • Signups with be online only starting July 11th – Aug 31st.  
  • Proof of age and 1 proof of residence must be submitted online.  
  • No late signups accepted.   
  • No refunds after August 31st. Exception if a division fails to have enough players or coaches.  
  • Coaches Signups can be requested by email at jwilliford.lll@gmail.com 
  • Mandatory Coaches meeting Friday August 26th at 630pm at the ballpark.  
  • No Coaches No Division.   
  • Background checks will be required if you do not have one on file from the Spring.  
  • Season will run from October 1st to November 19th (games will be play during the week including Wednesdays and Saturdays).  
  • Games will be played at 6 or 630pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Games will also be played on Saturdays from 10AM to 6pm.  
  • Rainout make up games will be offered to play on Sundays at 4pm or 6pm or will not be made up unless minimum game requirements are not met.  
  • We will offer the following divisions of play:   

4-year-old Coed Mini T – 60 min time limit, no run limit 

5&6-year-old Coed T-Ball – 75 min time limit, no run limit   

7&8-year-old Baseball Coach Pitch- 90 min time limit, 5 run limit 

9&10-year-old Baseball Minors – 105 min time limit, 5 run limit  

11&12-year-old Baseball Majors- 120 min time limit, 7 run limit  

13-year-old Baseball 50/70 – 120 min time limit, 7 run limit 

14-16-year-old Baseball Seniors – 120 min time limit, 7 run limit    

7-8-year-old Softball Coach Pitch – 90 min time limit, 5 run limit  

9&10-year-old Softball Minor – 105 min time limit, 5 run limit   

11&12-year-old Softball Majors - 120 min time limit, 7 run limit 

13-16-year-old Softball Seniors – 120 min time limit, 7 run limit 

  • Softball may combine ages based on registration numbers. In that event 5-8 will be GI, 9-11 will be Majors, and 12 and above will be Seniors 
  • 3 outs end the half inning in divisions Coach Pitch and above 
  • Mini-T and T-Ball – 3 outs clear the bases, but all players will bat each half inning. The last batter will run all the bases and scores unless a defensive player has the ball and steps on home plate. That defensive play will end the half inning.   No inning may begin past their allotted game time limits. Games shall not proceed more than 15 minutes past their time limits to finish an inning. 
  • Fall Baseball will be open to all District 12 Little Leagues. Neighboring towns are required to supply their own coaches and teams. Accommodations may be made if a town does not have enough players to form a team. 
  • We will accept returning and first year players new to Lumberton Little League. Note: first year players must be submitted to Little League International for insurance coverage before being allowed to participate.  
  • We will accept players from neighboring towns that have not played Little League in 2021 or is new to little league. Note: Players participating in this way must sign a waiver of insurance coverage and accept full responsibility of the player if an injury is to occur. The LLL president must receive confirmation if a player has been added this way.  
  • No outside insurances are accepted LLL provides accident and liability insurance through Little League International.  
  • Neighboring Little Leagues must signup online at lumbertonlittleleague.com as well. Players will be cross referenced through their home league.  
  • No ALL select teams are permitted. Select caliber players will be evenly dispersed among all teams in that division.  
  • Player’s age will utilize the 2023 Little League Softball and Baseball age charts.
  • Players will play up divisions based on what they will play next Spring Season. No players are permitted to move up beyond their age division.  
  • Umpires will be provided. 1 umpire for Minors and up, exception 2 umpires for 50/70 & Seniors. Coaches will be responsible umpiring in the field in Coach Pitch and GI Coach Pitch.
  • Full concessions will be provided as well as bathroom and trash services. No Outside Food or Drinks. No exceptions.  
  • Registration fees will be $100 per player for ALL divisions. No multi-sibling discounts. 
  • LLL will provide jerseys and hats. This applies to neighboring leagues as well. Players will be responsible for pants, belt, and socks.  
  • Matching pant, belt, and sock colors are recommended but not mandatory.  
  • There will be no tryouts and ALL divisions coach pitch and above will have a draft. Mini-T and T-Ball will have an automated draft and coaches assigned rosters. Coaches may protect their own child and 1 assistant coach child only.  
  • Neighboring towns will not be included in the LLL draft but in the event a neighboring town supplies multiple teams in a division it is mandatory to evenly divide players out on those teams.  
  • Coaches will be presented teams by September 5th at the latest and practice can begin.  
  • We will provide a schedule of 10 games in all divisions with the intention of playing a minimum of 8 of those games.  
  • All LLL by-laws apply including supplemental division rules. Neighboring Little Leagues must comply to be permitted to play. By-laws and rules can be found on our website at lumbertonlittleleague.com under the rules and documents tab.  
  • All players in each division will be on a waiting list until 20 players have signed up and at least 2 coaches have signed up. Otherwise, refunds will be given, and that division will be dissolved.  
  • Players will be on a waiting list at each threshold 25-30 and 1 additional coach, 37-40 and 1 additional coach, etc. Refunds will be given to players that missed a threshold.  
  • Signups will be first come first serve. Fall Ball is a provided service and does not require the little league principle in that all players play no matter what. There will be a cutoff either by date, number of coaches, or surplus of players.  
  • With that said all players can sign up even if they do not have the means to pay. We will still uphold the little league principle of accepting players regardless of financial status. This also applies to neighboring leagues, but any special situation must be brought to the LLL President directly.  
  • There will be a minimum of 10 players and 1 coach to a maximum of 12 players and 3 coaches per team.  
  • Minimum play requirements are 6 consecutive outs defensively and 1 at bat and must be substituted into the game by the 3rd inning defensively No Exceptions. All divisions roster bats all players.  
  • Defensively, Mini-T and T-Ball fields All players, and Coach Pitch fields 10 players. Everyone else fields 9 players.  
  • Mini-T, T-Ball and Coach Pitch are required to focus teaching efforts utilizing the Little League T-Ball and Coach Pitch Programs. In those divisions defense and knowledge of the game are priorities. Those programs are also found on our website under the documents tab.  
  • Minor divisions focus is not only on fundamentals but pitching and skill development along with mental toughness.  
  • All players must be in baseball/softball attire and uphold all little league requirements as far as additional protective gear.   
  • Teams will look uniform with shirt tails tucked in. No “flashy” attire is permitted. I.E., arm sleeves, jewelry, sunglasses used as decoration, war paint that is not directly under the eyes, etc.  
  • Players that show up in shorts, without cleats, etc. will not be permitted to play. No exceptions.  
  • LLL teams may practice on playing fields or batting cages but must adhere to the practice schedule. Teams using fields are required to rake the infield and pick up all their trash. No Exceptions  
  • LLL teams may also practice at the city park on HWY 421 or at LISD premises  
  • No Teams are permitted to use High School ball fields, batting cages, parking lot, or tennis courts. 1 offense that teams are not respecting LISD premises, and all practices will be shut off at LISD. This also applies to LLL premises. Spring is our main season and extra work for the board of directors or damages to repair will not be tolerated.  
  • Neighboring little leagues are not permitted to practice in Lumberton unless placed on a Lumberton based team but must do so in their respective little league boundaries.  


            The fall program is for improving the level play in LLL and providing enjoyment and experience for the children as other little leagues hope to do the same. All other business remains outside the gate before entering LLL premises.  


by posted 07/11/2022


2022 District Winners and Tournament Champions!!!

LLL had a great year and sent 8 divisions

to the championship bringing home 4 titles!!!

Keep up the hard work and we look forward to 2023!!!



by posted 07/11/2022
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