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The 2020 projects budget include:

Upgrades to park drainage and field drainage

Mapping and organizing of parking lots

Upgrades and repairs to electrical items

Septic Repairs and water line repairs

Equipment upgrades for maintenance and fields

Misc. small repairs due to safety or function


Current list of items outside of the 2020 projects budget:

4 New Aluminum Bleachers for Coach Pitch and T-Ball Field 2 - $13,000 ($3,400 per set)

New fence and backstop for T-Ball Field 2 - $7,000

Complete Fencing on Coach Pitch Field - $5,000

Pressbox / Storage Building for Coach Pitch Field - $3,000

Fencing around batting cages - $2,500

12 Picnic tables for pavilion and around the park - $1,200

Gravel walkways connecting fields around the park - $10,000

Replace right field light pole on Major Boys Field - $4,500

New metal signs for fields and general information - $1,500


Long term projects that will require savings, sponsorships, and fundraising

Asphalt parking lot - $140,000

New upgraded LED lighting and metal poles for all fields - $250,000 (low end)

Upgraded Maintenance Equipment and Fuel Storage - $25,000

Overhaul and Renovate Junior Boys Field - $50,000

4 Satelite Batting Cages on Slabs - $60,000

3 Jugs Pitching Machines and 2 Jugs Softball Machines - $15,000 ($3,000 per set)

New fencing for 3 fields - $75,000

Kid zone including play areas for wall ball, cup ball, and playground - $30,000